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REEsilience Partner Meeting in Paris

The REEsilience consortium consortium gathered to discuss the progress and next steps towards achieving its goal in Vienna


REEsilience Project Advances: Second Partner Meeting in Paris Showcases Progress and Collaboration

Paris, France (30.09.2023) – The REEsilience project, a project under the Horizon Europe framework, has taken another step forward. The consortium recently held its eagerly anticipated second partner meeting at the Valeo Headquarters in Paris, marking a crucial phase in the project’s development aimed at transforming the supply chain for magnetic rare earth materials in Europe.

Following a fruitful initial gathering in Vienna, the recent assembly in the French capital provided an invaluable platform for partners to reconvene, share vital updates, and reinforce their commitment to revolutionizing the rare earth materials sector. The atmosphere was charged with dynamic discussions and a collaborative spirit, underscoring the consortium’s shared goal of fostering a resilient and sustainable supply chain for these critical materials.

The meeting’s backdrop, provided by Valeo – a key consortium member and a global automotive supplier – was fitting, reflecting the project’s focus on real-world applications and industry relevance. It offered an excellent opportunity for participants to reflect on the progress achieved since their last physical meeting and subsequent online discussions.


The consortium, engaged in in-depth discussions on various facets of the project. Key themes included the development of recycling processes, the establishment of a more diversified supply chain, and innovations in permanent magnet production – all aimed at reducing Europe’s dependency on external sources and enhancing environmental sustainability.

Highlighting the importance of the gathering, the consortium shared insights on the advancements made since their last meeting, showcasing tangible progress in research, collaboration, and strategic planning. The discussions also paved the way for future initiatives and set the stage for continued development and innovation within the project.

For further details about the REEsilience project and to keep abreast of the latest developments, visit the project’s website.