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aims to build a resilient and more sustainable supply chain for magnetic rare earth materials and products in Europe for E-Mobility, RenewabLe Energy, Sensors & More


Why should we care about Rare Earth Magnets?
The European import-dependency along the entire value chain of rare earth magnet materials. Despite a growing market, European magnet production capacity is underutilised and tends to serve specialised niche applications.
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How does REEsilience build resilient and more sustainable Rare Earth Magnets in Europe?
Identification and categorisation of rare earth primary and secondary sources to European standards. New software tool to determine optimum mixing ratios and increase use of secondary materials. New and improved technologies for alloy production and powder preparation.
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What are the objectives of REEsilience?
More resilient and sustainable supply chains for rare earth magnet materials and products in Europe and creation of new market opportunities for critical raw materials produced more sustainably in Europe.
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What are the wider impacts of REEsilience for a sustainable and prosperous future?
Demonstration of resilient and more sustainable raw materials supply chains. Increased availability of materials to produce permanent magnets in Europe. Support for higher adoption of recycled materials into a range of new products. Establishing a stable supply and reducing dependence on imports.
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