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Recap of the REIA-REEsilience Conference: Innovations in Rare Earths and Magnet Applications

The REIA-REEsilience Conference in Brussels brought together key stakeholders from across the rare-earth industry


Bringing together key stakeholders from across the rare-earth industry

The REIA-REEsilience Conference in Brussels brought together key stakeholders from across the rare-earth industry for a day of insightful discussions and presentations. This conference focused on advancing sustainable practices, enhancing efficiency, and bolstering the resilience of the rare-earth sector.

The day commenced with a welcome address by Dr Badrinath Veluri, President of REIA, who reiterated our dedication to fostering a sustainable future. Constanze Veeh from the European Commission‘s DG Grow followed, providing an overview of the European Critical Raw Materials Act and its implications for the industry, setting a substantive foundation for the day’s dialogue.

Highlighting the event were contributions from distinguished partners of the REEsilience Project:
🟢 Carlo Burkhardt of Pforzheim University and Project Coordinator, discussed strategies for creating a sustainable and resilient supply chain for permanent magnets in Europe.
🟢 Spomenka Kobe of the Jožef Stefan Institute shared innovative approaches towards recycling end-of-life magnets, emphasizing sustainability.
🟢 Alexandros Charitos from TU Freiberg delved into metallurgical recycling techniques, presenting new pathways for material recovery.
🟢 David Bengio of Carester highlighted advancements in the hydrometallurgical processing of rare earths, showcasing the latest in extraction and processing technologies.
🟢 Jakob Blomgren from the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB introduced automated methods for extracting rare earth magnets, pointing towards increased efficiency in material reuse.

The conference served not only as a platform for sharing the latest research and innovations but also as a collaborative space for policymakers, industry leaders, and researchers to discuss the future of rare earths and magnet applications. The presentations and discussions underlined the critical role of innovation and collaboration in overcoming the challenges facing the rare-earth industry, driving towards a more sustainable and secure supply chain.

We extend our gratitude to all participants, speakers, and organisers for their contributions to the success of the REIA-REEsilience Conference.