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REEsilience partner Inserma Anoia Celebrates Victory at the Prestigious Premis UEA 2023

REEsilience partner, Inserma Anoia, S.L., a prominent player in automation and digitization, celebrated a remarkable victory at the Premis UEA 2023.


Inserma Anoia Celebrates Victory at the Prestigious Premis UEA 2023

Igualada (ES), 16.06.2023 – REEsilience partner Inserma Anoia, S.L., was honoured with a coveted award at the Premis UEA 2023 in a significant recognition of innovation and contribution to the industry. The award ceremony, a highlight of the Nit Empresarial, celebrated Inserma Anoia’s dedication and excellence in automation and digitisation, emphasising its involvement in projects like REEsilience (Horizon Europe) and SUSMAGPRO (Horizon 2020).

Founded over 25 years ago, Inserma Anoia has worked closely with clients, providing comprehensive solutions in the installation, maintenance, and the entire automation and digitisation process between management and production. With flexible solutions tailored to the client’s needs, Inserma Anoia has emerged as an industry leader.

The company’s recent involvement in the REEsilience project, focused on recovering and utilising rare earth magnets, has further solidified its reputation as a forward-thinking and innovative enterprise. As part of this project, Inserma Anoia will develop and integrate hardware and software to collect data from machines across three different plants in three countries. The data will be processed in real-time to optimise production processes for high-efficiency pumps, car motors, premium speakers, and more.

This accolade from the Premis UEA 2023 reflects Inserma Anoia’s excellence in the field and is a testament to the progressive strides the company has made in recent years. The recognition also emphasises the importance of innovation, resilience, retrofit, robotics, and research in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Inserma Anoia’s victory is a proud moment for all associated with the company and the REEsilience project, shining a spotlight on the hard work, innovation, and dedication that have marked the company’s successful trajectory.

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